We are called the Beth El Tzedakah Chevre/Charitable Giving Collective. We meet 4-5 times during the year to learn about good-work organizations, to discuss our priorities, to vote on those organizations we wish to support in any given year – as a collective.

Our focus is on organizations supporting Jewish need and/or founded upon Jewish principles and values to help the broader community. Each year we contribute approximately $25,000 to organizations around the world.

We now have about 20 member households in the collective, each committed to giving 10% of household income toward communal charitable giving. We share resources, knowledge, caring and food, and we bring ourselves to the holy obligation of giving toward righteousness and justice and hope for our world.

We would love to have new households join our collective. Please be in touch with Lorel Zar-Kessler (cantor@bethelsudbury.org) or Arnie Zar-Kessler (arnie.zarkessler@gmail.com) to learn more about the Beth El Tzedakah Chevre and to be encouraged to join us!