From our first graduate, Gabriela Mata Escamilla:

My name is Gabriela Mata Escamilla and I was lucky enough to be chosen by the  Tzedek Scholarship Fund as one of their scholars. The scholarship helped pay for my tuition at Framingham State University so that I could graduate with a BA in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. I am proud to say that I graduated May 21st 2017 with honors. Not only that, but within a month of graduating I was offered a job at ImmunoGen, a biotech company, working in their Talent Acquisition department. I am very happy to see where I ended up and I’m very grateful to those who helped me get to where I am today. This scholarship meant so much to my mother and I and we are forever grateful.



From Senior, Palloma Jovita:

My name is Palloma Jovita, and I am senior at Framingham State University. I plan on taking a winter class, thanks to the scholarship. I plan on interning in the spring at a non-profit that helps with immigration advocacy and doing an independent study, in which I’ll be organizing an event on campus to discuss the legality issues of DACA and bring awareness of the DACA youth in the community. I will also be taking other sociology classes, such as research methods 2 and intimate partner violence. Graduating college has been a long life dream. Once I graduate I hope to continue my work for immigration advocacy and get a job with an organization that helps immigrants and refugee. I also hope to continue my studies in getting my masters with a focus on immigration or law school. I been so lucky to have found something I am very passionate about and happy to have also found a major that has made me excited to learn everyday. The Beth El scholarship has helped me tremendously this year. It has helped me afford my winter class, which will now allow me to graduate on time as well as not worrying as much about paying for school but getting time to do an internship. Words will never be able to describe how thankful I am to have been given this opportunity, it was life changing, a true blessing. Thank you to everyone who has made this a possibility.

From the bottom of my heart,

Palloma Jovita

From Sophomore, Orlando Osorio:

After receiving the Tzedek Scholarship, I was able to put my entire focus on not only my school work, but the opportunities that college has to offer. I began this year taking difficult courses to further my education. I didn’t have to worry about working for a paycheck, but rather getting involved in on-campus positions to broaden my network, and challenge myself. The money I was granted from the scholarship has made my everyday life easier because I can invest my time in things that will help me grow in my future career, such as my new internship that is unpaid. Talking about this scholarship, and knowing the requirement for this scholarship is to remain in high academic standing, it puts pressure on myself but it turns into motivation because all the things I am achieving are so worth it!

Thank you all again,

Orlando Osorio