Article 44 at the Sudbury Town Meeting that begins on May 7 is the Welcoming Town Resolution. This resolution supports the police policies on the treatment of immigrants developed in collaboration with Sudbury’s Chief of Police. These policies help shield all who live, work and visit our town from the abusive practices that I.C.E. employs in its treatment of immigrants and refugees.


As part of Beth El’s ongoing efforts to support and defend our immigrant neighbors who are at risk of deportation, our Board of Directors has passed the following resolution:

Resolved:  The Board of Congregation Beth El of the Sudbury River Valley:

· Endorses Article 44, the Sudbury Welcoming Town Resolution

· Encourages members of Beth El who are Sudbury residents to vote in favor of this motion at Sudbury Town Meeting

· Encourages all Sudbury residents to support this motion


The web site of the committee sponsoring Article 44 is  It contains the text of the resolution plus a wealth of background and supporting material.  We urge everyone to read it and to support this resolution at the Sudbury Town Meeting.