Rabbi Josh Breindel, who joined Beth El on July 5, signed the Freedom for All Faith Leader’s Pledge as his first official act of Tikkun Olam at the congregation.  “The Torah is very clear: we are made in the Divine image,” he explained.  “This means that each of us contains holy sparks that inspire our respect and love.  This teaching made it easy for me to take this step; it is a clear affirmation of one of the most profound truths of the Jewish tradition.”

We write today to ask for your support. As Jews, we understand that all people are created b’tselem elohim — in God’s image — and that every person deserves dignity and respect. 

In November, we, as Massachusetts voters will have the opportunity to act on that value when we vote to uphold civil rights protections for transgender and non-binary (or “gender expansive”) people in our Commonwealth.  

On election day, November 6, 2018, Massachusetts will be the first state forced to defend transgender rights at the ballot box. Learn the facts.

A ballot question will ask Massachusetts voters to repeal a law that protects transgender people from discrimination in public spaces such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals. A “YES” vote keeps the current law as-is.

But voting “YES” isn’t enough. We need to spread the word.  

Learn how you can help. 

Thousands of faith communities, businesses, civic groups and other organizations across the Commonwealth have come together to defend transgender equality in Massachusetts.

Join us and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Keshet, Freedom for All Massachusetts, and the Mass Trans Political Coalition to uphold dignity and respect for our transgender children, parents, relatives, friends and neighbors.

Please contact any one of us with questions, or to let us know how you can help.

Todah rabah,

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