Recent Programs

“Celebrating Ourselves”

Members spoke of their experience of inclusion at Beth El at a Shabbat morning service. As they shared their moving stories, it was clear that some in the room were learning about these issues for the first time. Several commented that it made them feel safer to speak out themselves in the future.

Interactive Teen Programs

Through interactive programs, Beth El teens discover the differences and similarities that affect how each of us function in the world and in relationship with each other. Beth El’s middle schoolers, high schoolers and young adults participated in an interactive program led by an improvisation troupe with a focus on mental health. The program addressed stigma and offered ways that young people can learn from each other’s experience. In a powerful discussion, the teens explored ways that they can reach out, speak up and support each other. With a grant from Gateways, our younger teens participated in a hands-on program about learning disabilities. Students in grades 4-6 explored different learning styles and reflected on their own.

“Jewish Perspectives on Mental Health in Trying Times: A Two Part Conversation”

Beth El congregant Andy Nierenberg, M.D. guided us through an understanding of how mind, brain and spirit are unified and through a Jewish lens, we discussed how as a community we can counteract stigma and nourish and support all of our members.

Mental Health Awareness Program: “Wellness Without Overwhelm”

This program, presented virtually by BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy, explored these topics: understanding how and why COVID is impacting our mental health; how to prioritize wellness in our social, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives and nurture self-care and wellness during this unprecedented world moment; how to connect to others with gratitude for what is, and hope for the future.

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