HiBuR is an innovative, impactful exchange program that fosters connections between teens from a group of synagogues in Metro West, and Beit Sefer Hugim, a public high school in Haifa. The program is one of the CJP’s Boston-Haifa Connection programs. Through HiBuR, teens develop person to person connections, learn about each other’s Jewish cultures and identities and develop a sense of Jewish peoplehood that extends beyond local and national boundaries.

The program includes two mifgashim (“meetings” in Hebrew) in which teens visit each other’s families and communities, an extensive curriculum for Metrowest participants as well as a year-long joint curriculum with the Hugim school.

The Boston mifgash begins with a joint weekend  at NYC and continues for a week of hosting in the Metrowest area. During the Israel mifgash, the teens spend a week with their hosts in Haifa and end the visit by spending a weekend together in Jerusalem.

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