Join us at 8:30 AM for bagels and coffee. Then study Torah with one of the following Torah study groups:

Shabbat Morning Torah Hevras

The Power of Narrative: The Torah through a Midrashic Lens with Rabbi Breindel

Join our new rabbi to explore the stories of the Jewish people. This new study group will approach the weekly Torah portion through the lens of midrash (narrative interpretation of the Torah). After exploring a segment of the portion, we’ll unpack a Rabbinic source (in both Hebrew and English) that stimulates conversation and provides insights into the text’s enduring power and relevance. All are warmly welcomed as we embrace this new year with a new way to celebrate Jewish literature, spirituality and traditions!

Torah Study with Cantor Zar-Kessler

Come join Torah study in the foyer with Lorel and an array of open-hearted learners of Torah. We focus on a few verses from the weekly portion, learn from traditional commentators, and mostly learn from one another as we all strive to put our hearts into Torah and the amazing teachings of Torah into our hearts.

Hassidic Text led by congregants