Get Involved

We invite everyone to join one of the many groups and committees at Beth El. For more information, email If you’re not a Beth El member yet and are interested in joining, please see our Membership page.

Adult Education

The Adult Education Committee plans and organizes the educational programming for the congregation. The committee offers an array of programs including lectures, classes, discussions and films to attract audiences with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. Contact: Barbara Miller


The Beautification Committee oversees the decor of the building, including selection of paints, carpeting, artwork, etc. Contact: Jerry Kazin

Beth Elders

Another way for members over 60 to be involved in the life of the congregation is to become a part of the Beth Elders. Potluck dinners are often followed by entertainment (music, movies, guest speakers, etc.).

Chai Guys (Beth El’s softball team)

An opportunity to connect with other men at Beth El and enjoy some exercise and laughter. Beth El’s team is a member of the Men’s Shul Softball League. Contact: Jerry Kazin


The Fundraising Committee plans and executes major events, including wine tastings, auctions and other celebrations. Contact: Judith Goldberg

Gabbai (assistants)

The gabbai core is a group of lay volunteers who work with bar and bat mitzvah families in preparation for the religious celebration. Contact: Debby Young

Gan HaDorot (garden of the generations)

The Gan HaDorot Committee works together throughout the year to create a space of beauty and tranquility for the Beth El community. Contact: Gena Blinderman

Green Team

The Green Team (part of our tikkun olam efforts) works on reducing Beth El’s collective carbon and environmental footprint and standing for environmental justice consistent with our traditions. Contact: John Harper

Hevra Kadisha (holy society)

The Hevra Kadisha Committee seeks to honor the dead and comfort the bereaved. They inform the congregation of a death in the Beth El family or extended family; announce shiva times; and arrange minyan services, providing leaders and prayerbooks. The hevra also maintains a memorial book in Beth El’s garden that includes the names of all deceased loved ones. If you’re a congregant who’s experienced the death of a loved one, please contact Beth Schine or call the office at 978-443-9622.

Hevra Mishpacha (caring community)

The Hevra Mishpacha serves as an extended family within the congregation to help congregants during times of personal crisis. Hevra Mischpacha volunteers provide a range of support from meals, rides, visits, and phone calls to helping people create confidential support networks for themselves or a friend. Contact: Jocylyn Bailin

High Holiday coordinators

The High Holiday Committee works with the temple administrator, clergy and volunteers on the logistics associated with High Holiday services including parking, police detail, ushers, etc. Contact: Stephen and Lisa Breit

Inclusion Initiative

The Inclusion Committee works to increase access to meaningful participation for individuals with disabilities in everything that the Beth El community has to offer. The committee conducts, analyzes, and implements surveys of the congregation and invites people to discuss their experiences and individual needs. Contact: Susan Tohn

Kehillah (membership)

The Kehillah Committee focuses on recruitment and welcoming of new members, retention of existing members, and exit interviews with resigned members. We also host new member wine and cheese events and sometimes facilitate open houses. We need people who have great telephone interpersonal skills who love talking about Beth El. Contacts: Ann Barysh and Ann Kramer


The Beth El Library Committee is responsible for maintaining a collection of books, periodicals and newspapers that support the Judaica needs of the membership and staff.  The committee selects, orders and catalogues chiefly print materials for adults and children. The library’s holdings are indexed on Contacts: Stephanie Bennett and Jess Baker

MetroWest Free Medical Program

Starting in 2004, Congregation Beth El has hosted the volunteers of the MetroWest Free Medical Program, (the first synagogue-based free medical program in the United States) to offer free health care services to MetroWest residents who lack health insurance. Volunteers including licensed physicians, nurses, social workers transformed Beth El’s sanctuary into a walk-in medical program on Tuesday evenings.

The in-person program at Beth El closed at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic but patients are now being seen by appointment at 110 Edgell Rd. in Framingham on the campus of First Parish Church, our other partner congregation. (110 Edgell is separate from the main church building, which makes it easier to maintain Covid protocols.) The program is also helping patients on line. Click here to make an appointment (Spanish and Portuguese translators are available).

More volunteers are always needed, especially during the pandemic. We’re especially looking for physicians in adult general medicine and psychiatry to add to our volunteer staff. We’re also looking for nurses in adult medicine and psychiatry and social workers for volunteer positions. Just as important, we need more non-clinicians who can help out with administrative tasks like patient registration and work at the discharge desk. Contact Clinical Coordinator Sandra Dickie for more information.


Contact: Ellen Glickman-Simon

Shir El

Feel the joy of joining with Beth Elers who love Jewish music and want to create beautiful harmonies to share with our community and beyond. While we don’t have a regular rehearsal schedule, Shir El sings for each Rosh Hashanah service and special events at Beth El, and has enjoyed numerous opportunities to bring the joy of our music to communities throughout the Boston area. 


Contact: Jerry Kazin

Tefilah (ritual)

The Tefilah Committee is integral in shaping the ritual life of the congregation. Committee members meet with the cantor and rabbi to re-vision our rituals and refresh our Shabbat and holiday observances. Other members handle the “nuts and bolts” behind the scenes tasks that keep synagogue life running smoothly in the sanctuary. Contacts: Judith Lytel and Toby Kopman

Tikkun Olam (repair the world)

The Tikkun Olam Committee provides opportunities for the congregation to fulfill our commitment to repair the world. Through our involvement in projects such as Habitat for Humanity, our annual food drive, and the Sanctuary Movement, we seek to make the world a more just place. Contact: Allison Alter

Torah and Haftarah readers

Each Shabbat, members of the congregation read or chant verses from the weekly Torah and Haftarah portions. Some members choose to read Torah to mark an anniversary or important birthday, or to honor the memory of a loved one. We have a wonderful support system in place for those who need help finding the perfect verses, learning the Hebrew words or hearing trope melodies. Click here to sign up.

Tzedakah Hevra (charitable giving partnership)

Hevra Tzedakah is a group of Beth El members who have joined together to pool their charitable resources, research charities, and distribute funds to Jewish charitable organizations, institutions and individuals. The hevra was formed in 1979 to help members approach their tzedakah (charitable giving) in a meaningful way. Contact: Ira Silver

WASTY (We Are Sudbury Temple Youth)

Contact: Shoni Aronovich

Website, PR and marketing

This groups manages and updates the website, publicizes events at Beth El, and keep us current on social media. Contacts: Sheila Goldberg and Alice Waugh

Youth and Family Education

The Youth and Family Education Committee works with the Director of Youth and Family Education and the Director of Teen Engagement to formulate and implement educational policy and to provide support for our education program. Contact: Marla Lewitus