BE InSpirEd: PreK-12

Welcome to BE InSpirEd Journey Program

“Drop-off Judaism” is a thing of the past. As a community of engaged learners, we must model Jewish life for our children as a way of effectively teaching values (middot) that we hold close. It makes sense and feels right to approach Jewish life as a journey where the purpose is the journey itself, and not an end. While we all need to do certain things alone, Jewish journeys need to be shared, since Judaism cannot exist without community.

We do not use the label “Hebrew school” to refer to what we do here. “BE InSpirEd” is the name of our education programs. It stands for, “Beth El Innovative, Spiritual Education.” This more closely reflects what we want to be: a program that strives to have participants authentically want to be a part of it. We believe that education should be fun, engaging, and a source of wonder and natural inquiry to our learners. This draws us full circle to the “BE InSpirEd!” Jewish journey model of education. It reflects the idea that learning never completes, and that there are certain milestones along the way.

Growing As Jews

The process of Jewish growth is a multifaceted task that involves learning, practice, questioning and feeling, as well as a specific curriculum for each level. In order to foster Jewish growth in our students, Beth El builds its Jewish Journey Program on the following core Jewish values and principles that we instill in our students to advance their joy and delight in Jewish growth and community:

  • Social & Moral Responsibility (Derech Eretz)
    • Respect for peers, teachers and leaders
    • Responsibility for one’s actions
    • Concern for both our community and the world at large
  • Study (Talmud Torah)
    • Appreciation for Jewish written and oral tradition
    • Relevance of Torah to our lives, our past and our future
    • Interpret and question texts
  • Spiritual Connection (Tefillah)
    • Familiarity with Jewish liturgy as a common language to connect us to other Jews
    • Personal spiritual expression
  • Hebrew (Ivrit)
    • Hebrew as the original language of our sacred texts and prayers
    • Competency in Hebrew decoding
    • Vocabulary to enhance the study of Torah and prayers
  • Sacred Time (Z’man Kodesh)
    • Understanding of themes, rituals and history of Jewish festivals
    • Integration of Jewish life cycle events into one’s own life
  • Identity (Am & Medinat Yisrael)
    • Sense of connection with the state of Israel and the Jewish people

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