Beth El Videos

Tot Shabbat

Join us on the first Friday of the month as we welcome Shabbat.

Our kids squeal with delight when we tell them we’re going to Tot Shabbat.

Jaime B.

When asked what his favorite part of Tot Shabbat was my son replied, “I like everything!” His little sister (3 years) chimed in, “I like playing with my brother and my friends!”

Emily S.

Gender and Transgender

The remarks by Mason, Danielle and R were searingly honest, moving and enlightening. Audience members seemed transformed by the experience of meeting trans people and listening deeply to their stories

Karen B.

Torah Class Retreat

The most exceptional part of the lead up to my son’s Bar Mitzvah was our experience with the Torah Class.  As families, we learned with our children and each other for a couple of hours on Sunday, for a few weeks.  Watching the kids learn and grow was amazing — and it continues to be, because by the end of the Torah Class Retreat they had formed real bonds of friendship, and so had we parents.

Marla L

Rabbi Thomas’s Farewell Video by Howard & Lisa Bowles

What a wonderful weekend-long celebration of our 17 years with Rabbi Thomas. It was a reflection of the strength and resilience of our congregation.

Sheila G