Weekly Study Materials

On Shabbat mornings before services, four study groups meet to parse the parasha (Torah portion of the week) or explore the meaning of a Hebrew commentary or midrash. Bagel breakfast starts at 8:30 a.m. followed by Torah study at 9:00 a.m. All are welcome to attend. Click here for schedule and Zoom links.


Torah Study with Rabbi Josh Breindel

Join our rabbi for an ongoing conversation about the intersection of ancient texts and modern life. Together, we’ll approach the weekly Torah portion through the lens of midrash (rabbinic narrative), mysticism and a dash of pop culture. After exploring a segment of the portion, we’ll unpack it with classical and modern commentaries that stimulate conversation and provides insights into our text’s enduring power and relevance. All are welcome as we enter this new year guided by ancient teachings and modern insight.

Hasidic Texts (lay led)

Explore Hasidic commentaries on the weekly Torah portion, wrestling with issues as timely as they are timeless. Torah text and commentary are studied in Hebrew with English translation. Knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary to be a full participant.

Rabbinic Texts (lay led)

Working together and dipping into the sea of Talmud and beyond.